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Prevent application theft and reverse engineering

Application Encryption

Our technology wraps your APK with an encryption layer and does not require embedding custom SDKs or modifying your source code.

We work seamlessly with native code, 3rd-party added SDKs, shared libraries (.so), and HTML frameworks (Cordova/Worklight).


Our source code encryption technology prevents hackers from reverse engineering or analyzing your source code. The encryption engine will decrypt the code only when the specific method is executed. This prevents source code leakage through memory dump. The original code is also translated into custom virtual machine language in order to prevent debugging with standard tools.


Our technology performs cross-validation on all file contents within the installation pacakage as well as encrypt the verified data and code for protection. Any modification made to the encrypted installation package, including code, resource and configuration files, will be detected and terminated at runtime.


Our technology uses proactive detection mechanisms to prevent hackers debugging the application. These include anti-hook checks on key functions, monitoring processes to prevent dynamic attacks, and replacing/hiding service logic functions.

Storage Encryption

We intercept I/O operations at runtime creating a ubiquitous transparent encrypted layer protecting files written to the device's storage.

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